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    A pattern language is a set of design techniques or rules of thumb.

    Though larp is limitless in variety, human habits are universal.
    This document lists out some common patterns we've found for larp design.



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    These patterns are intended as a starting point for a shared resource for our community. To collaborate, see below!

    J Li

    J thinks design patterns are the building blocks of the world. Using some of these, she's created more than two dozen games, including Parlor Larps, Caldera, and Keymaster. Her games commonly feature emotional immersion and identity play. Outside of larp, she leads user-centered design education through prototypethinking.academy.

    Jason Morningstar

    Known for popular tabletop games such as Fiasco, Night Witches, and The Warren, Jason brings indy design techniques to larp as a champion of American Freeform.  His work prioritizes focus, ease of play, and challenging historical assumptions of design.